Tennis Elbow & Sports Injuries

Being active is great and plays an integral part of a chiropractic lifestyle, but most sports come with an increased risk of injury. The lumbar spine is most frequently injured during physical activity and this can disable you from achieving your peak performance at work or play. Chiropractic check-ups can help prevent injuries before they happen, and treatment is available if injury does occur.

“I recently injured my right knee during soccer. 

Been coming in for treatment and adjustments by Dr. Kelly and steadily regaining previously hindered movements and flexibility. 

Definitely recommend her practice to friends and family. Was recommended by a colleague of mine and Dr. Kelly does not disappoint!”

-Chuck A.

”I have been here for at least half a year and Doctor Kelly has helped my mom, dad, brother, and I. Now I don't wake up with back pains or neck pains. Doctor Kelly and the staff were very nice to me. During my basketball season, I jammed my fingers and thanks to Doctor Kelly my fingers are no longer jammed and I can continue to play the sports I love. My volleyball season is coming up so I'll probably be visiting Doctor Kelly again.”

-Tina T.

“I play tennis and badminton regularly, couple of months ago I got the tennis elbow problem and also I sprained my wrist badly and the sprain got so bad I could not even type, my work requires a lot of typing so it also put a lot of strain on my wrist. I did a quick search and found Kelly Wellness and Chiropractic. I was able to get the appointment quickly and they are very flexible. I met Dr. Kelly and she did a full check on my problem, explained my situation perfectly, and described history of the problem and also the importance of routine checkup and how to take care of my wrist problem. It was a wonderful experience talking to her. After three visits I was back to normal and from six weeks onward I was able to play for close to hour and a half without any discomfort. She is awesome and her support staff is remarkable.”

-Ram P.