Scoliosis usually starts with lower back problems and can worsen over time when left untreated. Chiropractic examinations may detect small issues before they become big ones and scoliosis patients may have success with chiropractic care. If your children have never had a chiropractic check-up, now is the perfect time.

“I have scoliosis and because of it my neck and shoulders have always been tense. Some days were better than others but I would always have some pain or tension. I recently started going to see Dr. Kelly and it's been a few weeks of 5 treatments total and so far the pain and tension are mostly gone. I would definitely recommend you check it out if you have stubborn old knots.”

-Kenneth N.

“I have really bad posture, I'm always slouching, and my neck and shoulders are always tense and in pain halfway through a day. I wanted to fix that because I know it would get worse later on since I know that my head is always leaning forward too, putting more pressure on my back. Bad backs apparently run in my family, I have scoliosis, and I've already injured my back once before and was nearly immobile for 2 weeks. I also would always lean sideways while sitting or on my hands. In any case, ever since I started coming here, they would get rid of any pain I have and gradually fix my posture and factors that make me have pain. I can literally feel my posture gradually getting better and I have less stress on my back/spine. They even like to teach you things as you go along so you're not left in the dark about what's going on with your body or spine or about what they're doing. 

Hospitals don't really fix things like this and just give you cover-up medicine. Doesn't solve problems. So I recommend this for people that do have physical body pains and don't want it to affect their future. It really helps and I'm glad I started going. People that have had bad experiences with chiros just went for the cheap inexperienced doctor route rather than going to a genuine one. You get what you pay for. So don't listen to those people who have only heard bad things from one person. Go to the right doctor. And here's one of them!”

-Phil Y.

“I have been suffering from sharp pains in my back for over a year and I have always had a weak back that caused me to slouch a lot. I have been diagnosed with scoliosis which is the cause of my pain. After going to Dr Kelly's, my back has been feeling much better. I can use a lot more muscles in my back without pains constantly jabbing at my back all day and would definitely recommend Dr Kelly to others. :)”

-Avril D.