Pinched Nerve & Nerve Damage

The most common mechanism of this type of injury is called a Subluxation. When a joint is locked out of its normal range of motion it puts pressure on the nerve, causing pain. Chiropractic treatments can relieve pressure on the nerve caused by tight muscles, bulging discs, herniated discs, or joints pressing on the nerve.

“Dr. Kelly is truly a life saver! Not only is she the sweetest person EVER, she really cares for all of her patients. I have a lot of nerve damage in my arm and happened to see Dr. Kelly's office on my way home one day. I was in so much pain and almost in tears as I told her my symptoms. The office was closing in 5 minutes when I walked in and Dr. Kelly stayed late to help me with my arm. I have been coming to Dr. Kelly frequently for the past 2 weeks and not in nearly as much pain as I was. I feel a little better every time I leave her office. I would recommend her to anyone!”

-Erica A.

“I must say, I am the most skeptical person when it comes to Chiropractors and what they do. I've been having lower back problems where my disc is bulging out and is hitting my nerves which causes sharp pain up my right leg. I am very active so imagine when I found out that I can't run, lift weights, do yoga, and/or anything that might injure my back more. I've tried physical therapy and acupuncture. I finally caved and went to Dr. Kelly because I was not getting the relief that I was so hoping for. To make the story short, I've been going to Dr. Kelly for a month now and I'm a believer! Her style, the equipment that she uses, and her method to "wellness" is so different and so effective. It takes time, but I am so hopeful that I will have a chance to run again.”

-Mia N.

“Many times before, I would wake up in the morning with my left hand completely numb. When the feeling in my hand came back, my hand would be tingling. I was never completely able to feel the tip of my pointer finger. After seeing Dr. Kelly for treatments, there has been no re-occurrence of the complete numbness for over a week. Also all the feeling has been restored to all my fingers.”

-Diane W.