Why Give Your Child Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold When You Could Give the Gift of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is generally thought of for post-car accident symptoms, sports injuries, or general old age after years of wear and tear. However, chiropractic care is a treatment that can, and should, be started at a young age. Just consider how mobile your children are; always tripping and falling, being so active in sports, and rough housing with friends and the family pup. Chiropractic care is about maintaining your body, and correcting any issues from the beginning. A massive misconception about chiropractic care is treatment for infants. The majority of newborns could truly benefit from treatment, because the birthing process is consistently traumatic.

A study conducted by Viola Frymann confirmed that around 90% of newborns suffer from birth trauma. Her study was administered over an 8-year period with over 1,500 babies, where the trauma was most common in the neck and cranial areas. Prior to the study, Frymann found that 10% had zero symptoms of trauma, 10% had severe trauma, and 80% had some strain patterns in the cranial structure. Birth traumas can be caused by a handful of factors, including both very long and short labor, failure of the cervix to dilate, use of forceps or vacuum extraction, the cord becoming tangled around the baby’s neck, cesarean delivery, pulling or twisting on the head while trying to deliver the body, as well as use of Pitocin to induce labor. In a different study conducted by Harvard with over 1,000 babies, confirmed that around 80% had some form of nerve dysfunction. Around 65% of neurological brain development occurs within the first year of life, which makes it even more crucial to ensure the birth process is not traumatic for the baby

Chiropractic care is often associated with a manual adjustment to the spine and other parts of the body, which poses the question if chiropractic care is safe for infants. The answer is yes, because a chiropractor will use more force on an adult rather than a baby for obvious reasons. The amount of pressure commonly used on an infant is equivalent to lightly pressing on the eye. Two extensive studies were conducted to examine the safety and effects on infants after chiropractic care, and the results were positive. The study showed that over a period of 2-3 weeks, 94% of babies showed a successful rating, with 25% progress after their first adjustment.

The study concluded that chiropractic care in infants showed beneficial and safe results while addressing the child’s neurological imprinting. If you are a new parent, you should deeply consider taking your infant in for chiropractic treatment, or at the very least a consultation. Even if you aren’t a new parent, it is never too late to start chiropractic care! The benefits to treatment at a young age are astronomical, and could genuinely benefit your child in the long run- physically and mentally!

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