Spooked by Cracking Bones?

Spooked by Scary Chiropractors?

Does the concept of seeing a chiropractor give you goose bumps? Well that may be because people associate chiropractors with the joint/body manipulation of “back cracking”. While 80-90% of chiropractors perform manual adjustments, some favor non-manual and use of an activator. Although a manual self-adjustment provides you immediate release, and you feel on top of the world, a handful of patient outcomes exhibit short-term results. If you have ever known someone, perhaps even yourself, who pops their knuckles or neck, you may notice it is an everyday routine, and even multiple times a day. While cracking your bones and joints is not necessarily harmful to you, it has the ability to create additional space between your joints, later developing into arthritis and greater water retention.

Chiropractic care is a fantastic form of health and wellness because it is an all-natural, non-invasive form of treatment. Other techniques used include electrical muscular stimulation, ultrasounds, activator usage and massage. Fortunately, these techniques work together to ensure a healthy spinal alignment and optimal physical wellness.

 Chiropractors worldwide choose their own forms, but the preponderance will tell you NOT to adjust yourself, just leave it to the pros. There is a logical reason chiropractors are licensed doctors and attend higher education for years. Cracking your own neck and back can be detrimental. Many people manually manipulate their body; usually their fingers, neck, and back regularly. However, do you really want to risk it and become one of those freak accident cases?

Comprehensive studies have been conducted regarding knuckle cracking, but not as many have evaluated people self-adjusting their back or neck, by use of a chair or their hands. We ask you, think about what you are doing- “I crack my neck and back daily”. Many people’s reactions should be; “Wow-not normal”, or, “Oh my goodness, what’s wrong”. Cracking any part of your body should not be conducted without a licensed chiropractor, because of the harm you could do to yourself. People who are unaware of their bodies may have a herniated disc, or scoliosis, and can even give themselves a stroke. Like we said; freak accidents.

Educate yourself on the significance of chiropractic care, and do not be frightened to go to a certified professional for any issues you may have! Chiropractors are not scary, we are here to help you and make those aches and pains go away!


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