Knee & Leg Pain 

Chiropractic care can help reduce knee pain and improve range of motion in the joint. Dr. Kelly will address issues in and around the knee, but will also investigate if other alignment issues may actually be the true cause of the knee pain, or at least contributing to it.

“I first heard about Kelly Wellness and Chiropractic through an online ad. Since I had recently started having joint pain joint pain in my knee from everyday movements, I decided to schedule a consultation. I got adjusted by Dr. Kelly on that first visit and it immediately relieved my pain, and I was feeling 75% better. She set me up with a treatment plan and I have been coming ever since.”

-Tammy P.

“I had such a bad knee problem over the last weekend. It was very painful for me to move my legs, let alone walk. I could hardly walk. After one visit with Dr. Kelly, I was able to walk the next day (pain went down from high to low).  Now after 2-3 days, I am walking with no pain and go up & down stairs with no problem. Thank you so much, Dr. Kelly for an awesome job!”

- Joanne L.

“It's been about 8 years since I injured my right knee playing soccer. After the injury I thought that I would never recover again from a constant pain. I learned about Dr. Kelly from the Cupertino Farmers' Market when her staff had a table of information. Because the injury on my right knee is getting worse, and I was starting to feel pain in my left knee as well, I decided to seriously work on my knees. Dr. Kelly explained to me that I have to follow a plan, that I need an MRI first that would determine how and where to start. After the first few visits with Dr. Kelly, I started feeling the difference on both of my knees. My pain already has diminished, especially my right knee. I now feel that I will recover from years of knee pain. I've tried to improve my pain with other doctors in the past, and Dr. Kelly has given me the best results of all. I am very happy with her service.”

-Tomas P.